Groupon Offers and Facebook Advertising
We help businesses run profitable Facebook Campaigns - and we LOVE working with businesses that have an existing Groupon Offer.   This allows us to leverage the exposure they are already getting from Groupon + reach an even larger audience on the largest Social Platform = Facebook.   

If you are interested in learning if Facebook Advertising can be profitable for your business - please schedule a strategy call (there are links at the top right and bottom of this page).  

Four Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Works Well with Groupon Offers: 

1.  Groupon allows you to reach a lot of potential customers; however, it lacks the ability to actually stay in front of the traffic created from your advertising. Your losing A LOT of exposure that Facebook Advertising can easily generate (with your existing Groupon Ad). 

2.  You can easily run the same offer using Facebook Advertising and save a ton of money that would normally go directly to Groupon.   

3.  Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities allow you to target the types of customers you actually want! You have the ability to target by demographics, interests and behaviors.

4.  Your customers are currently on Facebook - most of them multiple times per day. These are not “deal seekers” but people that are interested in what you offer - we can help you find these people and advertise specifically to them.

SIX Facebook Ad Campaigns that Compliment Groupon Offers
  • Local Awareness Ads - Keep your brand in front of your exact audience so they never forget you.  
  • Birthday and Anniversary Campaigns -  Birthday and Anniversary offers are one of the most effective ways to get prospects in your doors. We identify who has special events coming up in their life and we target them with an offer they can't resist!
  • New Product/Service Releases (or special offers) - Get your new products and services in front of your target audience quickly! 
  • Messenger and Lead Campaigns - Leverage the power of Facebook messenger to generate leads inside of Facebook (where your prospects can connect with you without ever leaving Facebook). 
  • Custom Audience Campaigns -  If you have an existing email or phone list- we can upload it to Facebook and run targeted ads specifically to your list. Never have someone on your list  forget who you are again. 
  • Retargeting Campaigns -  Target people that visited your website (or specific pages of your website). EVERY business that has a website should be running some type of retargeting campaign to their website visitors! 
So if you have read this far - chances are you are curious if Facebook Advertising could be profitable for your business.   

The best way to find out is to schedule a brief strategy call so that we can learn more about your business and the best possible way to implement a profitable Facebook Advertising campaign.   

Click below or on the top right of this page to schedule today! 

Our Strategy Calls generally take between 15-30 minutes.   We absolutely WILL NOT try and sell you anything on this call.  This is purely a strategy session and you can do nothing but benefit from it. 

To Your Success, 

Jesse Erickson & The Digital Squad 
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